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About Us

Foshan zhongwo Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is recognized by the Department of science and technology of Guangdong Province: high tech enterprise province of Guangdong Province. We have a number of engineering and technical personnel, responsible for the research, installation, commissioning and maintenance of various large-scale water treatment projects, and can provide solutions and project implementation industry according to different customer requirements. We are committed to research, development and application of high and new technologies for resource recycling and environmental protection.

Company set production, sales, after-sales service as one. At present, it has set up branches or offices in many cities in China to achieve technical support and after-sales localized service, timely and improve the sales and after-sales service network to ensure that users have no worries. Our products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa.

Applicable industries

1. Laboratory chemical analysis, fluorescence analysis, detection and analysis, gene research, biological detection, tissue culture and other experimental water.

2. Medical infusion, injection, medicine, biochemical products, medical sterile water, artificial kidney dialysis water.

3. Chemical and chemical reaction cooling water, chemical reagent, chemical fertilizer and fine chemical, cosmetics manufacturing process water.

4. Water semiconductor, liquid crystal display, computer millstone, printed circuit board, integrated circuit board, picture tube manufacturing, etc.

5. Power industry heating, thermal power generation boiler, medium and low pressure boiler feed water.

6. Water for surface coating, vacuum coating glass and battery in electroplating industry such as automobile, household appliances and building materials.

7. Mineral water, purified water, packaged drinking water, community direct drinking water, juice concentration, wine production and filtration in beverage industry.

8. Ocean Engineering: seawater desalination.

Professional achievement dream, zhongwo serve the world!

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