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Difference between ultra pure water equipment and pure water equipment
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1.Different uses

(1) Purpose of ultra pure water equipment: 1. Production and cleaning of ultra pure materials and reagents. 2. Production and cleaning of electronic products. 3. Production of battery products. 4. Production and cleaning of semiconductor products. 5. Production and cleaning of circuit board. 6. Production of other high-tech fine products.

(2) Purpose of pure water equipment: 1. Chemical water treatment of power plant; 2. Ultra pure water for electronic, semiconductor and precision machinery industries; 3. Preparation of food, beverage and drinking water; 4. Small pure water station, group drinking water; 5. Water for fine chemicals and fine disciplines; 6. Preparation of high-purity water for other industries; 7. Process water for pharmaceutical industry

2.Different conductivity of water

(1) Water quality of ultra pure water: the water quality of ultra pure water with resistivity > 15m Ω. Cm is divided into five industry standards, namely 18m Ω. Cm, 15m Ω. Cm, 10m Ω. Cm, 2m Ω. Cm, 0.5m Ω. Cm, to distinguish different water quality.

(2) Pure water is divided into: industrial pure water and drinking pure water industrial pure water: in 25 ℃, 1. Ordinary pure water: EC = 1 ~ 10us / cm; 2. High purity water: EC = 0.1 ~ 1.0us/cm; 3. Ultra pure water: EC = 0.1 ~ 0.055; pure drinking water: EC = 1 ~ 10 US / cm (national standard).

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